Wednesday, 3 December, 2008

Yo... Yo... Yona Day!

On 13th Dec., 60th petal blooms for the monthly PPC at Magic Academy.

Thiruvananthapuram: Perfect Performer Course, the monthly refresher course for magicians offered by the Magic Academy, is completing five successful years on 13th of December.

To celebrate the occasion in a meaningful way, the Acade my has roped in the assistance of Tamil Nadu’s magic pride and versatile magician, Palladam Yona. For the 60th session of PPC, this Coimba tore-based magician will offer his lecture cum demonstration on conjuring techniques with a special stress on comedy aspects.
Well known for his atypical comedy magic in the guise of Charlie Chaplin, Mr. Yona’s name is counted also as a talented teacher in the magical art.

He is noted for the multidi mensional capabilities as a magician. For Vismayam 2000, he had a meticulous perfor mance of the traditional street magic. To the latest, in 2008, he held an audience of 1000 magicians from India and abroad under his at the Vismayam festival in Thiruvananthapuram.

Evening magic show
The newly formed Alumni organization of the Academy has decided to conduct a magic show by this teacher who frequented during the initial years of the Academy. The 45-minute performance will be held at the Krishna Pillai Foundation (KPF) Hall, Nandavanam. The funds generated will be utilized for the future activities of the alumni.

Schedule for the day
09.00am : Reporting
10.00am : Inauguration
10.15am : Class
11.15am : Tea
11.30am : Class resumes
01.00pm : Lunch
02.00pm : Class resumes
03.00pm : Dealer demo
04.00pm : Tea
06.30pm : Magic show at KPF

Registration can be made in advance with Tel: 0471 2358910 or email: For watching magic show, contact: 9349323126.

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