Tuesday, 2 December, 2008

Magic Academy to fight against terrorism

Magic to keep away the evils from campuses in Kerala.

Wings of peace: Minister of Forest, Binoy Viswam inaugurates Gopinath Muthukad’s magical mission against terrorism, by joining for a magical item of producing pegions of peace from nowhere.

Kannur: Magic Academy’s initiative of performing magic shows for inspiring college students against the ugly demons of terrorism, was inaugurated by the Minister of Forests, Binoy Viswam.

The function held on 22nd November at the premises of historic Brunnen College at Thalassery, was resplendent of the huge anguish the people of Kerala have against terrorism. A piece of paper written ‘terrorism’ was placed inside an empty vessel and burnt into ashes. When the Minister closed the vessel with a lid and opened, appeared was a pigeon, the winged symbol of lasting peace. The function was followed by debut performances at the Brunnen College and the Engineering College, under the auspices of the Kannur University Union. Besides student leaders, Superintendent of Police, Sreejith was also present.

The Academy has selected to perform this unique magic shows before college students, since the primary target of terror recruiters are found to be the youngsters.

“Extremism never achieves a solution”, “Terrorism is not heroism, but cowardice” “Extremists have a faithless mind that is loveless, too”, “Terrorists cannot protect, but destroy only”, goes on the messages propagated through the magic shows.

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