Tuesday, 21 October, 2008

Predicting the lead news: Muthukad sets a record

Total number of newspapers, and the transparency and reliability of the magical method adopted has made it a record.

Winning moment: Gopinath Muthukad flanked by dignitaries, displaying a sheet of paper on which he has written his exact prediction of lead news in 10 newspapers. From left: Superintendant of Police, M. Padmanabhan; M.L.A., M. Umman; District Collector, M.C. Mohandas and Chairman of the Malappuram District Co-operative Bank, U.A. Latheef.

Malappuram: Gopinath Muthukad has set a world record by predicting the lead news of 10 newspapers at a single instance, by way of his amazing feat held here successfully during 24th and 25th of September. His feat has become a record by way of the total number of newspapers tried and the transparency and reliability of the method adopted for the entire performance.

Muthukad’s first endeavour in the area of prediction magic was during the parliament elections of Thiruvananthapuram constituency when he precisely predicted the votes earned by three major candidates. Previously he has repeated a more convincing version of prediction technology in Palakkad and exactly predicted the lead news in 6newspapers.

At Malappuram, the challenge was more as his attempt was upon 10 leading dailies. “To predict what would become lead of the paper, is an impossible task for even people attached to the media. To make this guess accurately and to follow the parlances of different newspapers are among the major challenges. Above all remains the duty of the magician to make his performance imposing as well as transparent and trustworthy for the viewers”, Mr. Muthukad said on his latest achievement.

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