Friday, 19 September, 2008

Palakkad witnesses enthralling three-day magic fair

Thrilling finish of the Prediction Magic found these expressions of sheer enjoyment shared by the chief dignitaries including (from left) M.L.A., Mr. K.K. Divakaran; District Panchayat President, Ms. Subaida Ishaq; Justice N. Rajagopal and Superintendant of Police, Mr. Vijay Sakhare.

Palakkad: It was a rocking magic fair at this town famous for the rock gardens of Malampuzha dam and the UN-conserved Heritage Streets of Kalpathi. The three-day magic festival organized by the Magic Academy could earn remarkable response from the public.

Curtain raisers
A thrilling endeavour to ‘forecast today, the news headlines of tomorrow’s dailies’ was held through two days as a prelude to the event. The first day found the magician writing his predictions on a piece of white paper and handing it over to the dignitaries. Dignitaries put their signatures and seals on the paper, folded it and enclosed it with several boxes. The astounding act was held at the premises of the District Cooperative Bank’s head office. The final box was then put inside the chest of the safe locker in the bank’s strong room.
On the very next day, the dignitaries came with their keys and retrieved the prediction box from the bank locker. One after the other, they opened each box. Finally, the prediction paper was taken out. Folds, stappler pins, signatures and seals were found intact.

The paper was then unfolded and the prediction was read out by Justice N. Rajagopalan. Spectators’ amazement found no bounds when the magician’s prediction was exactly the same as the news headlines appeared in six leading dailies.
Furthering their surprise was the fact that throughout the performance, magician was locked inside an iron cage and hadn’t made any contact with the prediction paper or the boxes.

Three-day magic festival had daytime shows for bulk buyers including educational and charitable organizations. Evening shows at 6.30pm were open for the public. Each day found a packed house at the Town Hall.

Proceedings from the Magic Festival will be used for establishing an asylum to shelter traditional north Indian street magicians who fight with fate to make a living.

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