Tuesday, 23 September, 2008

Former magic students meet, share magical memories

Magician Chandrasenan Mithirmala (centre), Secretary of the newly formed Alumni organisation of the Magic Academy, being flanked by his colleagues. (From left) Magicians, J. Sreekumaran Nair (Treasurer), K. Sathyaseelan (Joint Secretary), S. Somasekharan Nair (President) and Sreena Sreekumar (Vice President).

Thiruvananthapuram: An alumni forum for the Asia’s first Magic Academy is launched to make none of its former students escape from the bondage of togetherness. When former students of the Magic Academy met, they bounded each other with chains of friendship and locks of affection – not to escape from, but to endure for ever.

They showed sleights of hand tricks and shared jokes. Many of them unveiled how they kept their magic learning a secret at their homes. Whenever Pradeepkumar, a senior lecturer in Medical Lab Techniques of the Medical College went for magic classes, he had used tell his wife that he was going for collecting some research materials. But once their magical skills were made public, families and friends had only acknowledged them with adoration.

Former student and present Director of the Academy, R. Raja Moorthy offering the magical delight to his friends at the alumni meeting.

71-year-old retired P.W.D. Engineer, Somakumar to 13-year-old Ramu Bhattathiri were among the former students. Women representation was also not bad. Music teacher, Geetha; engineering students, Athira and Rugma and plus two student, Sreena talked about the advantages of ladies learning the magical art. Both Athira and Rugma, who became magic students at the age of 10, were rhetoric on the benefits magic has earned for them, not only in their school and college classes, but also during campus interviews.

Students of the first batch, Chandrasenan Mithirmala and R. Raja Moorthy baffled their friends with some the latest demonstrations of legerdemain. For Mr. Chandrasenan who is also the chairman of the Head load Workers Welfare Board, magic is the principal source of solace during free time.

Present during the get-together were mainly those who have completed various courses offered at the Academy during the past 12 years. With an objective of updating as well as brushing up their knowledge in legerdemain, a new organization of the alumni was also formed.

Former students can join in the alumni by sending their details at magicacademy@gmail.com.

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