Tuesday, 23 September, 2008

A class for improvising impromptu magic

58th monthly training session for magicians at the Magic Academy on 11th Oct.

Vijayan Kadamkode

Thiruvananthapuram: Vijayan Kadamkode, former teacher and all-time associate of the Magic Academy is packing his magic bag with a fresh stock of magic tricks. this master magician will open his bagful of tricks during the 58th Perfect Performer Course (PPC) slated for 11th Oct .

Guiding principle for the class will be that learning and teaching are precious and constant processes that should extend throughout a magician’s life.

There are umpteen of effects that we know, but easy methods to give required impact for the shows, are quite often unknown.

Hence Mr. Kadamkode’s endeavour will be to introduce a fresh metho dology of presentation for an engrossing stock of impromptu items. Common props like ropes, coins and cards will have sure place in his teachings.

But what would make his class extra ordinary, is a secret potion that every magician should know, for making their impromptu magic impressive.

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