Friday, 11 July, 2008

A sojourn at a space for magic...

Director of Magic Academy on his debut visit to the newly established Magic Space, Bangalore.

Magical moments: Rajamoorthy at Magic Space

During the fifteen minute drive from M.G Road in Bangalore, I made two phone calls. One to inform my arrival and the next to ask for the right direction as I neared the destination. The excitement grew as the vehicle stopped and I got out to look at the long board on top of the building that read MAGIC SPACE.

I entered without prejudice to experience what can be called a hub for magic lovers. With a sensible d├ęcor and excellent space management, Magic Space turned out to be more than what it is intended to be. The welcome zone that includes the over the counter sales area is aptly segregated from the rest in a modest manner. Shelves display a variety of magic kits and other gadgets of the conjurer.

If one side of the area displays autographed posters of various magicians, the other carries a framed collection of signatures of magicians, who were present on the inaugural day of the Space. A good reference library for magicians is another attraction besides the wonderful caricatures done by two eminent artists of Bangalore. As assured, Nakul Shenoy was there to show me around along with a few of his friends.

The exploration ended as we sat on the table on the centre of the hall(which occasionally becomes a class room) to share a few lighter moments in close up magic before going out to lunch.

I returned with a full heart and stomach and with a promise to return there during my next visit which is inevitable as there is something addictive about the warmth of hospitality you get in Magic Space. You have to be there to believe it.
[Author is Director of the Magic Academy and Consultant Editor of VMN.]


Nakul Shenoy said...

Dear Raja,

Thanks a lot for the kind words expressed about the magic space. It was wonderful to host you the first time, and of course more recently again, for your wonderful expert magic session for magicians.

Would love to read something on that too :-)


Magic Academy, India said...

Dear Nakulji,
Magic Academy and The Magic Space together can expand the space for magic in India, for sure!
- WNL, Magic Academy.