Friday, 11 July, 2008

New CDs launched

Volume II of Muthukad's Illusions n National integration INDIA: magic of Harmony

Thiruvananthapuram: Two more video CDs have been brought forth by the Magic Academy’s reprographic studios. The latest creations are Volume II of ‘Greatest Illusions of Muthukad’ and a video memorabilia, ‘India: Magic of Harmony’, a national integration composition made by magician Gopinath Muthukad and team during their extensive India voyage, Vismaya Swaraj Yatra.

Greatest Illusions of Muthukad-Volume II is written by R. Raja Moorthy and anchored by Deepa. It begins with a rousing magic show presented as a tribute on the occasion of the death centenary of martyr, Bhagat Singh. Sequel to this, a chain of trendy illusions appear.

The video CD, ‘India: Magic of Harmony’ comprises of the vibrant system of Indian topographies and culture. National integration is served with all its pungency in its frames. Each scene has lingering flavours of patriotism streaming through historic spots including Red Fort, India Gate and Wagah.

Cost of these DVDs are Rs.100 each. Postage Rs. 50 will be extra.Those who purchase Volue 1 (VCD) and 2 (DVD) of Muthukad's Illusions and INDIA: Magic of Harmony have to pay just Rs.250. For purchase, contact:">

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