Thursday, 3 July, 2008

A healing touch at an impoverishing monsoon

Bringing magic to the tribal settlements

Gopinath Muthukad enjoying the company of tribal chieftain and his people at a hamlet near Marayur.

Marayur, Idukki: When their home-made sugar candies were turned into magic-made chocolates by their guest, children of the tribal settlement found their surprise touching the sky.
It was none other than Gopinath Muthukad who became a magical guest at the tribal settlements here at Iruttalakkudi, Eechampetty, Puthukkudi, Vellakkal, Thayanamkudi and Olikkudi. Not only they could watch magic shows, but also their parents could receive household commodities, as free gift.
The programme was organized jointly by Thodupuzha-based voluntary organization, Fuji Ganga’ and the Magic Academy.

Fuji Ganga-sponsored free supply of commodities being inaugurated by Muthukad.

Standing close to their hearts, Muthukad performed magic for entertaining this ethnic sect.

Tribal members were impressed by an item through which Mr. Muthukad taught how gardens could be grown in the place of Ganja cultivations. When Ganja leaves were symbolically burnt and a bunch of flowers were produced from the ash, eyes twinkled of huge surprise on the faces of kids. Everyone agreed to what the magician has conveyed about the menace of alcohol and drugs. Through another trick, the magician called for identifying the evil forces who try to exploit tribal populace for selfish gains.

Bringing a mission traversing arduous trails...

This is the only region in Kerala having groups of ancient 'Muthuva' tribes. Rain brings only agony to them. Knowing this, for around three hundred tribal families, Fuji Ganga provided over 4000kg of rice, free of cost. Ladies were provided with Saris whereas old-aged received dhotis. Pamphlets carrying awareness messages against drugs were distributed. Earlier, the chieftain of the tribal hamlet, Thankaraj offered a traditional reception to the guests with his people performing tribal dances.
Panchayath President, Arogya Dhas and his vice, V.P. Joseph have a common ambition of continuing the magical awareness programme among the entire 28 tribal settlements under the aegis of the Panchayat. Tribal co-ordinator, V.P. Joseph; Fuji Ganga Secretary, Sunil Raj; treasurer, Sarath along with members of Fuji Ganga attended the programme.

Secluded, sanctified moments at the bosom of mother nature...

The magical team reached the hamlets after trekking for over an hour and a half through steep trails. A large crowd of all ages including women and children watched the entire length of the magic show, despite a menacing drizzling.

Tribal families offer a sensational farewell to the magical visitors.

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