Monday, 30 June, 2008

A benefitting magic class by Jili Jili Bobby

55th Perfect Performer Course at Magic Academy on 12th

Jili Jili Bobby, during one of his prize-winning performances

Thiruvananthapuram: This year’s runner up in the Vazhakunnam Memorial Close up contests, Jili Jili Bobby will lead the 55th session of PPC at Magic Academy on 12th July. Mr. Bobby, a Bank Manager by profession, will be offering a refreshing module on General Magic with special emphasis on presentation. “How to make the show different will be the main theme of my class. The class, focused more on close up magic will present easy ways of making the performance nice, by way of presentation skills”, Mr. Bobby told VMN. Besides, he has also kept a sweet presentation for the occasion. It is going to be an enactment of his masterpiece magic, ‘sympathetic silk’. Registration fee will be Rs.150 inclusive of lunch. For more information contact:

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sidharth said...

I really enjoyed the day. For me too it was an opportunity to learn and improve. Loving regards and thanks to my good friend Shri. Rajamoorthy .