Friday, 23 May, 2008

Wouter is here

Thiruvananthapuram: Wouter Bijdendijk, is here again. An ardent lover of Indian magic, this magician from Netherlands, is not unknown to magicians here. He rose to fame in India, with his levitation act in December 2005 in front of the Kanakakunnu palace.

The event, then was as a curtain raiser to the first ever festival of Indian street magicians, Mazma, organized by the Magic Academy. The same levitation trick and its variations now keep him in the air around the world. But he found his own time to land on the floors of street magic shows at the venues of Vismayam 2008. Mr. Wouter was found thouroughly enjoying the vintage wonders of India in their flourishing compositions. He along with friend was very busy taking photos with ethnic street magicians of north India.

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