Friday, 23 May, 2008

Magicians march for their beloved art

Magic prowess showcased on the main roads of the city

Thiruvananthapuram: Rallies are not new to this political capital of Kerala. Commuters and drivers here know the Houdini trick of escaping from these long-winding demonstrations that throws the city into hours-long standstill. May 1st in particular, is a day of rallies, owing to usual processions by various trade unions, showcasing their prowess through the length, breadth and thickness of the rallies. But May 1st, this time, went with a different addition.

A procession by Vismayam 2008 delegates from St. Joseph’s school to Asan Square has introduced before the onlookers not only the strength of magician fraternity, but also the flamboyance of their magical costumes, hats and wands. Adding grandeur to the rally, went a brigade of the mounted police. Bands of traditional percussions went behind it.

Magicians marched in ecstasy, inspired by the magical moments that beckon. They danced in joy driven by the dreams of delight. They moved shoulder to shoulder, unbothered of mundane burdens. It was a show, a march, an expression from the hearts for magic, the beloved art.

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