Saturday, 24 May, 2008

The winners

Out of the 100 magicians who underwent tests at various levesl, only nine topped. Out of them only eight were qualified for stepping on to the final battle gounds. They, from left, are (age and State within brackets): Zenia Bhumgara (10, Maharashtra) third in Junior conjuring, third in Best Entertainer; Soumita Bag (10, West Bengal) second in Junior Conjuring; Karun Krishna (14, Bangalore) first in Junior conjuring; Rakesh Shyam (34, Tamil Nadu) Third in Close up; Edmundo Da Kunha (38, Goa) second in Close up; Kudroli Ganesh (36, Karnataka) First in Close up, first in Best Entertainer; Palladam M. Yona (46, Tamil Nadu) second in Best Entertainer and Third in Conjuring Seniors; Dhayanithi (32, Tamil Nadu) second in Conjuring Seniors and Hashim M.P. (35, Kerala) first in Conjuring Seniors.

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