Saturday 24 May 2008

Dhayanithi aims at becoming the world’s no.1

Vismayam 2008 Grand Champion of Magic, Dhayanithi on an email chat with Magic Academy's monthly organ, Vismayam Magical News

VMN: What was your feel on becoming the Grand Champion of Magic?

Dhayanithi: I am really very happy; Grand Champion of Magic award is a milestone in my career. It was a wonderful moment receiving it.

VMN: Secret behind your success? Any special efforts?

DN: I love my magic and always believe in hard work that alone can earn success. Practice, Practice, Practice, ... make the crux of secret behind my success.

VMN: Chief feature of your competition show?

DN: Timing and more energy.

VMN: How do you practice?

DN: I watch the performance videos of the world’s greatest magicians like Channing Pollock, Lance Burton Magician David Copperfield, Jeff McBride Tony Clark's...etc.
I use to practice in front of Mirror and video camera, 12hrs per day. In order to correct mistakes, I have no hesitation to practice 1000 or even more times.

VMN: About other contestants in the finals?

DN: Excellent and each one of them had more energy.

VMN: About Vismayam 2008?

DN: Very nice, excellent and very well organized. In future Vismayam will be at par with the ranks of IBM and FISM Conventions.

VMN: Future Plans?

DN: To become world’s number one magician. I’m ambitious of participating in IBM and SAM conventions for presenting my skills. I am also attending FISM 2009.

VMN:Support from family?

DN: My marriage with Kausalya was in December, 2007. At home she is a consoling presence and provides me the much-essential encouragement.

VMN: Message for your young magic friends?

DN: Be more creative, innovate and successful. Achieve an international QUALITY in magic.

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