Tuesday, 22 April, 2008

Eight eventful days for Vismayam 2008 International Magic Festival

Drumbeats of delight are audible for the largest international magic fest to be held in India.

Under umbrellas of wonder: (Clockwise from top) Fukai and Kimika (Japan) make a fabulous pair; Kenrick ICE McDonald (U.S.A.) has illusion, captivation and entertainment; Jorge Blass (Spain) brings the magic of Madrid; Mirko Callacy (Argentena) has an ingenious fusion of South American creativity and Spanish style; Marcel Oudejans (South Africa) has the corporate qualities of conjuring tricks

Thiruvananthapuram: Vismayam 2008, the global magic festival that would find convergence of the dreams and desires of around 1000 magicians from India and abroad, are now at the doorsteps. The shape, schedules and exciting opus of the entire event were briefed during a press conference here, by the Secretary, Tourism, Dr. Venu; Executive Director of Magic Academy, Gopinath Muthukad and its Director, R. Rajamoorthy.

Fukai Disciples: Hikari Furuyama from Tokyo and Akua Shin from Osaka form the magic pair from the 'land of the rising Sun'.

With the number of participants and volume of activities, the Vismayam 2008 claims a record of its own. Held under the joint auspices of the Department of Tourism, Kerala and the Magic Academy, the event will have magical sessions including curtain raisers, magical messages, traditional street magic festivals, magical competitions, demonstrations, learning, selling and a record-setting mass magic show for the world peace.

A few among the magicians who wing from far away nations to join this Indian magical jamboree are: Fukai Masahiro, Kiyoka Fukai, Akua Shin, and Hikari Furuyama (all from Japan); Madrid’s magical pride, Jorge Blass (Spain); Argentinean astonisher, Mirko Callacy; renowned Afro-American magician, Kenrick ICE McDonald (U.S.A.) and Close-up magic exponent, Marcel Oudejans (South Africa). Executive organiser of the magician’s Olympiad, FISM 2009, Lin Jian along with his associate, Lu Dinggang are the guests from across the China Wall.


thomas said...

wow! Top Stars of Magic.
More than expected.

Magic Academy, India said...

Dear Thomas Sir,
We know, you are also part of this star-studded magical event.
- WN, Magic Academy

Mhelly said...

Looking forward to a great convention and meeting so many magicians from all parts of India and abroad!

Vismayam 2008 will be one of the biggest platforms for the entire magic community to interact and experience their love for magic !
The countdown for the excitement has begun and we are going to see some terrific magic!

Magic Academy, India said...

Dear Mhelly sir/Kaizad Madam,
When Vismayam 2008 blooms into a flamboyant reality, its fragrance will linger for generations to measure the magnitude of magic's power. We are sure on this. All the more, delegates to Vismayam 2008 means magical dignitaries like your good selves.
-WNL, Magic Academy