Wednesday, 23 April, 2008

Mohanlal’s feat dropped

In the wake of a deliberate attempt to foil the magic with an ugly cover of fear
A well-planned attempt by a pessimistic minority of magicians has burned the dreams of an optimistic majority into a heap of ashes.

Actor Mohanlal and his master in magic, Gopinath Muthukad have decided to drop the proposed feat of ‘Burning Illusion’ to be held as a prelude to Vismayam 2008. This owes to unhealthy controversies raised by a group of magicians.

Magic fans thus miss a golden opportunity of watching a genius actor staging his beautiful magic.


thomas said...

Yes.It is really unhealthy to FORCE a talented Magician to withdraw his dare devil act.Some fears that this may effect their publicity.
Sorry Mohanlal you really missed the chance to show your talent.

Magic Academy, India said...

Dear Thomas Sir,
Magicians who consciously and unconsciously use their magic hats as a concealment to their ugly motives, can do this and more.
It is a cultural loss to Kerala's magic.
-WNL, Magic Academy

athira said...

India being a democratic country provides each n every citizen the right to cultivate their talents.It is really pathetic to raise voice against the attempt of, a blessed artist like Mohanlal, on grounds of unhealthy n trivial declaration that" he is a celebrity".This event'BURNING ILLUSION' can b percieved as a part of sincere efforts made by Magic Academy, to extricate magic from the primitive attitude ingrained in the social fabric ,(which cosidered magic as a sorcery).But the issue hidhlights the irrational thinking of a minor group who still lays emphasis on sorcery,thereby proving detrimental to the emergance of magic into an artform which is more public.There is a sense of remorse in letting go the zest n enthusiasm of a thrilling 'ITEM' like this.My heart felt wishes for the further ennoblement of magic.......

Magic Academy, India said...

Dear Athira,
Thanks for the comments.
Now it is modern manifestation of ancient black magic.
Hence another cause for positive thinking magic fans to unite!
-WNL, Magic Academy

ramusworld said...

Yes this was very disappointing that Mr.Mohanlal was not able to perform the Burning Illussion.This incident shows the weakness of knowledge about that magic by the people who FORCED Mohanlal out of this act.
Very good chance to view a great perfomance is being made in vain by the action of some magicians itself.
All the practice by Mohanlal has been made in vain.
This shouldn't have happenned

Magic Academy, India said...

Dear Ramu,
Remain united for the well being of our beloved art.
-WNL, Magic Academy