Tuesday, 29 April, 2008

Minister A.K. Balan's magic show switches on Vismayam 2008

Power transmission, Minister introduces a magical way

Hey Presto! Minister of Power, A.K. Balan tries to effect a magical transmission of power from his body to a spectator's on the stages of Vismayam 2008 curtain raiser.

Thiruvananthapuram: Power Minister A.K. Balan swayed the magic wand and that marked a befetting prelude to the Vismayam 2008 international convention slated for 1st to 4th of May 2008.
"Just look at my eyes and concentrate", Mr. Balan suggested to Rajan, a spectator who come to the stage for volunteering the Minister's magic show. On the temporary stage erected in front of the Kanakakunnu Palace, the Minister was seen with full authority of in his new role as a magician. Moments passed and the obedient spectator stared the much-respected 'magician' without a single move of his eyelashes. "Now I am transmitting my energy into your body", saying this, Mr. Balan approached the volunteer. When the Minister touched the spectator with a tester, the bulbs visibly glowed as if there was ample electricity transmitting from the human body.

Testified: M.L.A.s, N. Sakthan and V. Surendran Pillai find the bulb glowing when a tester was placed on the body of a magically electric-charged volunteer.

For his much-awaited public performance, the Power Minister had stocked two more tricks. In one, he could create a streamer with a message 'Save energy, save Kerala', from thin air. In another trick, four persons were allowed to pick electricity bills from a transparent polythene bag. Three of them could pick bills above Rs.8000 whereas a person who wore around his neck energy conservation banner could get a bottom rock bill of just Rs.400. "If you have an innate sense for saving electricity, your current bills will automatically get low", the minister said to his audience who were found thoroughly amazed at the magic.

From thin air: The Minister spreads a streamer produced from an empty box.

The Minister is not a new entrant in the world of magic. Being a long-term associate of the magic field, he has stocked a brand new magic for inaugurating the blindfold ride. To him, magic is an engrossing hobby.M.L.A.s, N. Sakthan and V. Surendran Pillai were present, offering encouraging comments to the Minister who was in the magician's role.
Dispute on Mohanlal's feat flayed
Earlier while offering his inaugural address, Mr. Balan expressed his strong distress over the situation that led to the dropping of actor Mohanlal's magic. Mr. Lal was to perform his 'Burning Illusion' act that was slated as the first in the chain of preludes to the global magic fair. "Unnecessary disputes have become a bane for the society" he said. Any magician could understand what the world illusion means in the said 'Burning Illusion'. Still a cry and fury over the danger it could have posed were all unwanted, the Minister added.
Delhiete magician, Raj Kumar, who leads Delhi Academy of Magic, continued the energy conservation magic for a while.

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