Tuesday, 29 April, 2008

Carrying Vismayam 2008 to the roads

10 magicians ride 10 bikes blindfolded

Just after the Minister of Power, A.K. Balan concluded his fabulous magic of power saving message, 10 magicians assembled on the dais in uniforms. They were bearing one English alphabet each that could be together read as 'Save energy'. Delhi magician Rajkumar took the stage and gave a 'magical gesture' and then the alphabets changed to read, 'Vismayam 08'. Not over, these ten magicians approached 10 bikes. Their master and chief organizer of Vismayam 2008, Gopinath Muthukad took one after the other 10 thick clothe covers. Each cover was well placed before a thorough checking by dignitaries and the public.

Magic of letters...

Using these, eyes of the magicians were perfectly blindfolded. In utter darkness they stood for assistance to climb over their two wheelers. Assistants came and the magicians were on their vehicles.

A long whistle, a thunderous announcement from the piloting jeep and a zestful cheer giving by Mr. Rajkumar… the two wheelers rolled on to the main roads. Traffic was never curbed except for the initial crossing. The blindfolded magicians mixed into the hustling vehicles. Crossing chief landmarks of the city including the Museum, Corporation Office, Public Library and the University College, the blindfolded magicians' regiment approached the Government Secretariat. There at the finishing point long whistle was blown to high pitches. And it was time for the magical riders to press their brakes.

In front of the Secretariat, the Association of Public Health Engineers felicitating the magicians for accomplishing the blindfold ride.

M.L.A. N. Sakthan, an ardent fan of magic, was there to unfold the ties. Ten pairs of eyes winked to the daylight. Ecstasy filled their hearts and the onlookers' too. Beaming in high spirits were ten magicians who got discipleship at the Magic Academy amid their commitments in different walks of life. If Karamana Raghu is retired from government service, his classmate at the Academy, Balan K.P. works as a Reserve Bank staff. Somasekharan Nair, an Engineer with the Public Works Department; B. Manojkumar, a Divisional Manager's Club Member Agent of Life Insurance Corporation of India; Sathyaseelan, an entrepreneur; Shaju Kadakkal, a high school teacher; Manu Poojappura, a television anchor; P. Preeth, a computer animator; Haris Taha, a social activist and Anand Mezhathur, Manager of magician Gopinath Muthukad's professional troupe, were among them.

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