Wednesday, 26 December, 2007

'Magic of manipulation' sabotages online voting

Voting during night from same IP

The first ever trial on this blog to find the best out of the four magicians – K. Lal, P.C. Sorcar Jr., Muthukad and Jadugar Anand – had to be forcefully removed owing to bogus voting attempts that had been repeating for over four days the past one week. At least 800 votes – an average of 200 votes per night - were recorded in favour of one of the contestants, during four consecutive night hours.

Cordon of suspecion
This has spread a cordon of suspicion. The blog had been receiving complaint notes from a number of its readers about this unusual burgeoning of votes for a single contestant. An internet expert's assistance had to be sought and revealed was an ugly fact: voting from a single IP! That means all ethical and logical bases of online voting were shattered through the said four nights. To prevent the 'magic of manipulation' from becoming the winner, we have taken the earnest decision to withdraw the online voting.

Previous response
Online voting was not first to this site. It began about six months ago, putting forward subjects pertaining to patenting of magic, growth of magic in Kerala etc. But voting in favour of individual caliber is something sensational, our experience proves.

Let us come again, but only after taking protective measures to prohibit unethical instincts and bogus attempts. For the time being, the voting column will continue with general issues.

And we remain much thankful to all those who have sounded a note of sincere criticism and also to those who have clicked a vote with a sincere gesture.


Ankita said...

HI! Being an ardent reader of all magic articles in and around the Net world..though I aint an Internet Expert.but I can call myself a pro at it! Well,to come to the point,it was rather disappointing to know that such a wonderfull art which we all around the world are trying to savor and treasure has also started political isuues in it's inner world.. I mean com-on,what happened to that 'Team Work" thingy?

It was sad enough that big names were involved without asking any permission from the Giant names themselves,forget involving their Internet Experts or any other kool names you can discover or rather innovate and then one brutally,criminally uses it left right and centre and gets brittle to the entire "so very expected reaction" from the we-the-common-people!

Hallo,isn't the word "Ethics" the trendy word in your yo lingo as well? If we start talking about it,am sure the hurting party can land on their butt so hard that it'll be quite difficult later to know if they actually and literally fell off the "dont you try that oily poll again!!"

With no intensions of hurting anyone,it was very sad to read what was offered.. We are serious fans and expect serious entertaintment from all these awesome hard players who can wobble our minds and leave us so dumbstruck tat we smile at ourselves and their "Expertise" once we come back to our dumb senses!

And as we were trying to march some about joining the army,the brigade,the gang leading some Ethical path..marching together hand-in-hand towards the real winner_WE-The Success!!

Magic News said...

Hi Ankita!
Thanks for being with us.
Magic Weekly shares your sentiments.

Please be solaced that the 'Team work' is fortunately safe, at least among esteemed magicians, who carry magic in their blood and breath.

For the sake of goodness, the four 'giants' we have incorporated, don't have any time for playing the foul of 'politics' among them, instead, they are commonly graced to spend their lives only for the cause of magical art and its prosperity.

But just like pro-literates and pedagogues exist together in the computer field, there are selfish and selfless fans for magic. Unless he/she is an altruist, a single magic fan is more than enough to spill as much oil to spoil a sanguine effort of electing the best - especially when the four are best to each other!

You know that it was an online polling open to all including magicians, non magicians and magic paramours including your good self.

Things became unfathomable for many of them, when votes in the pattern of 200s were regularly polled, not in four days, but in late and wee hours of night! To clear the fog became our responsibility.

We didn't allow the spirit of 'Team work' to hinder the light of truth. You can trust that 'Ethics' is safe and it was the same 'ethics' that has sharpened our efforts to track the malice.

With the grace of technical education, in any corner of India, an expert in Internet protocol tracing ('internet expert' in our laity lingo) is not scarce these days. When the same IP was traced for precisely 206 clicks out of a 214, the 'oil' became conspicuous. We know that the four esteemed contestants have no role in any of these evolutions.

In this hour of need, we expect passionate magic fans like your good self will be with us and help prevent hijacks during our humble endeavours in future.

Please keep reading our posts and provide your valuable comments frankly. Thank you! - Weekly Newsletter from Magic Academy.

Karan said...

Its sad to see that the poll for the nations best magician for 2007 was revoked as i used to follow the poll from day 1 and kept a very close eye on it-We'll i'm sure I wasnt the only one keeping an eye on the result.Well from the last time I saw the results it was pretty clear who the winner was -CONGRATULTIONS JADUGAR ANAND!!
I would just like to say to you Sir that it does'nt take a poll like this to judge as to who the best magician for 2007 is! All the best Sir!!!

Magic News said...

Dear Karan,
Thanks for the comments.
We too anticipated a fair poll and fair outcome.
Might be, an over-enthusisast has shattered the trust of the mouse click.
Or we would have given a fitting propaganda for the winner - whoever be - among the four darling names we have proudly put forward. - Weekly Newsletter from Magic Academy