Saturday, 8 December, 2007

Avoid apprehensions, let us march together

There have been a number of very open and frank reciprocations to our humble endeavour of finding the best out of four magicians.
Many have expressed their concern over the genuinness of selecting just four magicians out of a large regiment of magicians who are varyingly talented.
The means we have adopted does not allow us to include more than four at a time.
Ultimately the four illusionists we have adopted are those who have earned a respectable place, name and fame through more than 30years of career dedicated to magic – a truth that all magic fans know without any introduction.
Online Competitions like ours do not imply that the contestants in any way are thirsty of establishing their abilities or are involved in the process in any way.
Because along with us, they also know that for magic, the touch stone is their performances on the magic stage and never the votes gained over an online blog.
It would be better for all of us, not to indulge in making assumptions and remarks that would personally hurt the competing magicians, who for sure deserves a gesture of respect anytime.
Let us uphold a good deal of perseverance and see the good and bad of this first online attempt.
Let us take the resolve not to repeat the mistakes, but to surely repeat whatever is proved good.
After all, the process of trial and error has a significant place in our graceful art of magic, where Practice, Practice and Practice alone make things pristine.
Let us start practicing this online process and together walk towards perfection.

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