Saturday, 12 May, 2007

Sunil's magical sojourn

Magician Sunil is a native of Mauritius, but now a citizen of Britain working in the managerial post of National Health Service’s mental health wing of East London and The City. His closeness to the world of magic is also attributed to the fact that his brother Ustad Raja is also a magician. Mr. Ustad Raja reigns the Mauritian magic horizons along with his up and coming young magician Junior Rajah.
He recently enjoyed a fine break of nice experiences in Kerala. While engulfed in the lush beauty of Kerala’s ambiences, he didn’t forget to execute that very important duty: to visit Magic Academy and to convey his and his brother’s huge admiration and affection for magician Gopinath Muthukad, the person at the helm of the Academy. Since Mr. Muthukad was away with shows in the northern districts of Kerala, Mr. Sunil had to satisfy himself by conveying his heart’s very best wishes for the Indian Houdini to the office staff at the Academy. Since it was a very hectic visit, he was in such a hurry that he forgot his favourite cola drink at the office room and rushed to the magic shop at the cellar. [See his family photo below]
At the magic store, so hurriedly, but with an overwhelming enthusiasm, he turned the leaves of the price list and managed to procure a few class products of India’s leading manufacturers.
While doing all this, he was also performing another magic: describing his life in London, especially the magic shows he uses to perform, his little son Jai’s progress on the stage, wife Vishwanee’s support and also about younger son Vijai. Not over, he was so curiously collecting a lot of information about the Academy, its activities and objectives. He returned with exciting memories in his mind, a stock of magic materials in his bag and an impressive photograph of the Academy building in his Camera’s memory. In return, at the Academy, whoever got a chance to mingle with him got one more gifted magic pal.

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thomas said...

Many thanks for your visit in Kerala and Magic academy.