Saturday, 26 May, 2007

Magic Kits get the summer’s approval

Thiruvananthapuram: The latest brand of children's Magic Kits launched by the Magic Academy has become hot cakes in the kids’ summer markets. Each of these boxes contains 30 easy-to-do tricks that enable even a 5-year-old to produce wonder at finger tips.
At Balabhavans
Jawahar Balabhawans (JBs) means the comprehensive childcare and character building centres run by the government. Magic Kits had a foray into the four walls of JBs too. “These magic kits were introduced for the first time in the JBs of the State and the response was overwhelming”, says the Academy’s Administrator Jayakumar. Highest sale was marked at Koodaram, a shop at the Thiruvananthapuram JB, he said. To befittingly introduce the kits, the Academy has also roped in the help of talented magicians including Manu Poojappura and Abhinraj. These magicians opened these boxes, took out the intriguing gadgets and performed round of astounding tricks, exciting the curious minds of the young.
Video teacher
With the aim of offering after-sale support, a CD containing video tutorial is also included for free in these kits. Master magician Rajamoorthy appears in the video, demonstrating the handling and working of all 30 tricks. This offers a home tuition for children. “We have insisted quality of materials to ensure that wrapper along with contents sustain their charm”, Thomas, Chief Operator of recently opened Magic Academy Research Centre (MARC) said. Shop owners who foreseeing a big demand for Magic Kits during summer had gathered a good number of them well in advance. And their predictions proved precisely right.
Recently, the leading kids’ shop chain, PAICO even had to hire a magician for dealing the children who crowded for the kits at their Ernakulam M.G. Road branch. StylePlus, a front-row kids’ shop in Thiruvananthapuram has already contacted magician Abhinraj for holding similar activities.
Personality development
Magic Kits are not mere a kids play for the Academy. Instead, these kits have certain serious roles in the character molding of the younger generation. When children become young conjurers using these kits, their personality also improves. Scientific temper and self confidence are the two major qualities that can be earned through practicing the magic tricks contained in the kit. “Each item in our box sparks the thinking process and induces a notable identity among those children who starts doing the tricks in front of gatherings of the classroom or home”, says Mr. Jayakumar. He also said that since the minimum age for an admission at the Academy had been fixed as 10, for toddlers below that age, buying Magic Kits has become a shortcut to learning the legerdemain.
As a gift
For those who are on a look for one-ff gifts, Magic Kits serve as a panacea. It has by now become a practice for the elders to present these kits as gifts to children on auspicious occasions. “Magic Kits give the gratification for the giver and excitement for the taker of gifts”, says 67-year-old retired Government official, Madhavan Nair. He says this from his experience of presenting the Magic Kit as a birthday gift for his 7-year-old grandson in Kozhikode.
Not driven by any profit motto, the Academy sells these kits at a break-even price of just Rs.199. More details on the kit can be availed at email:

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