Friday, 23 March, 2007

Summer brings a big World of Magic on mini screen

This summer brings visual splendours of magic to enjoy. From April 1st onwards, on every Sunday at 8p.m., the leading Kairali TV will be bringing to the living rooms, ‘Muthukad’s World of Magic’, a magic series conceived and presented by magician Gopinath Muthukad. The serial is the first production under the banner of the Magic Academy Research Centre, newly installed branch of the Magic Academy, at the KINFRA Film and Video Park, Kazhakuttam. [Photo: Magician Muthukad and noted television-cinema actress, Praveena during a magical presentation of the serial]
Past achievements
‘Muthukad’s World of Magic’ is created on the backdrop of the extensive popularity earned by the Academy’s earlier magic serials named, ‘Vismayam’, ‘Magically yours’ and ‘Man of Magic’ aired on various channels. To satisfy the tastes of the modern day’s television viewers, each episode of the new serial is divided into five captivating segments. Joining with the magician for presenting these magical compositions is noted cinema-serial actress, Praveena.
Flamboyant petals
Each episode begins with ‘Art of illusion’, displaying Mr. Muthukad’s latest illusions and concludes with ‘Magic Tale’ that speaks on the mystery and history of magical art. Costly illusions, state-of-the art light and sound settings, dance, music, eye-catching backdrops and an exceptionally large stage transform the Art of Illusion segment into a marvel on the mini screen. There are also ‘Street Surprise’, introducing the Blaine-type street magic by magician Rajamoorthy and ‘Top Hat’, bringing to limelight renowned magicians of the country.
Be at home, join the magician
There will be a groundbreaking ‘Mind Magic’, wherein the magician on the television freely reads the minds of his viewers who sits far away from him in their homes. This will be a totally different visual experience enabling the viewers to touch the TV screen, interact with the magician and take part in the magic show. To effect this, Mr. Muthukad has roped in an innovative tele-magic technology of magic.
Top hats
Magic girl of Mumbai, Zenia (D/o Mhelly Bhumgara); Bangalore’s child prodigy, Karun Krishna; talented young conjurer M.P. Hashim of Kozhikode; Tamil Nadu magician, Yona who by virtue of his comedy magic has earned a sobriquet, ‘magic Chaplin’; Karnataka magician Prahlad Acharya; teen magician Abhinraj and a Preeth-Arjun duo of deaf magicians are to dazzle through different episodes of the magic serial.

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thomas said...

Hi Muthukad
Your TV serieals will be very good as usual. But I always dislike exposing the secrets in public.It is like undressing an women in a street.