Tuesday, 31 December, 2013

When dreams come true

As Mary Faulkner said, “The logic behind magic is that we create what we are imagining”. The whole magic family had a dream and the Magic Academy is going to realise that dream in the year 2014.The Magic Academy is all set to host the International Magic Summit which is scheduled from October 31st till November 2nd 2014 at the premises of Kinfra Film and Video Park, Kazhakuttom, India’s first infotainment industrial park. It is situated in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. The October 31st will mark the inauguration of Summit, by remembering the great legend of Magic; Harry Houdini.

The three day event will gather professional magicians, Magical hobbyists, Dealers and students of the art “Magic”. The Magic Academy strives to develop magical ideas, creativity, community and friendship with in the world of magic and looks forward to welcome everyone who loves this art form “Magic” for the mega event in the near future. Magic Academy is proud to carry on that tradition by keeping international variety entertainment alive through the show case of bright new talent and world class professionals.

The event, organized by Magic Academy, will include a variety of shows, lectures and master classes featuring leading magicians around the globe. The professionals and amateurs will have a chance to enhance their magical skills with in their community. When magicians meet up there is sure to be eye popping magic to be seen both on stage and at the close-up table. The 3-day event of top notch magic consists of gala-shows, close-up shows, stage shows, dealers and variety of competitions to satisfy even the most voracious of magical appetites and the amateurs has the opportunity to have seminar of their interest in “Magic” at the Summit.

The Academy by organising International Magic Summit aims at building a bridge for magicians from both home and abroad to communicate exchange and learn the latest developments in the industry. Magic Academy organizes Open Debate forums for Delegates, Visitors and Guests, which in turn will discuss the modern trends in the field and will record all major rulings and findings for the improvement of Magic. Renowned magicians like David Sousa, Topaz and Mike Chao will reach to mesmerize the audience with their innovative and stunning performances, which will turn out to be a new experience for all those who love this great art form.

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