Saturday, 31 August, 2013

Kan Kettu Katha- a magical journey to the wonderland of stories

Thiruvananthapuram: Magic Academy and Vidyarangam Kalasahitya Vedi jointly organized a special magic program “Kankettu Katha”, hosted by Magician Muthukad at Cotton Hill School, Vazhuthacaud on August 30th. It was indented to be a tribute to the classical language Malayalam. The combination of chronicle and fantasy enthralled the audience with an amazing and flamboyant climax.
The title, plot, names of characters and the thread line to the story were created by the young talents from all over the district which held as a backbone of the magical event.
The show started with a locked wooden box hanging on a metal string, and lifted to mid-air in the middle of the audience.
The magician takes a piece of cloth and locks it inside a wooden box. This box was then locked into another box, and the keys were distributed among the V.I.P guests for safe keeping. And the locked box was given among the kids. After all this, the story telling Began.
One kid tells the names of characters and the magician writes this on a board at the stage, another one tells the prospect of these characters in the storyline and so on...
Director of Public Instruction, A. Shajahan I.A.S, IAS officer and novelist, K.V Mohan Kumar, Renowned authors George Onakkur, B.Murali, Sippi Pallipuram, and K.R Mallika also helped the kids in the making of the story. And eventually the thread line to the story “Amma manasile Nanma” came into being.
It was time to open the box of suspense... At first, magician opened the box that was given among the kids. From that box the magician took out a piece of cloth. In it, was written the Title of the story, names of characters, and plot of the story exactly as created by the children! 
Even before the story developed through kids, Muthukad was able to predict the title, plot and names of characters of that story!
With the non-stopping applause, as a suggestion from the audience, Muthukad invites Sri. Sippi pallipuram to choose a book form dozens of books jumbled on the stage. 
The chosen book was then given to a random girl to read from wherever she likes to start. The girl opened the 20th page of that book and started reading. Then the book was given to Sippi pallipuram to read the same page. To everybody’s surprise, that page was missing!
Then the magician brings down the locked wooden box hanging on a metal string and opened it... ‘Abracadabra’!!
The missing page form the book and an elaborated version to the story created by the students were inside that box!
The unique function was inagurated by renowned author Dr. George Onakkur with the Presidential address of Director of Public Instruction, A. Shajahan I.A.S. 
Gopinath Muthukad, K.V Mohan Kumar I.A.S, Authors Sippi Pallipuram, B.Murali, and K.R Mallika also spoke on the occasion.

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