Monday, 29 April, 2013

Click the mouse add wings to your dreams...

The Academy ready to launch a new online

  • Create a profile with a unique user name & password to login
  • Upload the details regarding your amateur and professional shows
  • meet the sponsors and entrepreneurs to boost up your career

Thiruvananthapuram: At last, the long awaited call from the magicians and  admirers of magic from all over India has been answered. The Magic Academy recognized the requisite for a sophisticated web portal to amalgamate all the native practitioners and aspirants of the art of magic under a network that will cherish their dreams ,a magical hub that will open an array of opportunities for the aspiring illusionists, a platform for endless dreams, a meeting place of all magic lovers, a shining jewel in the history of magic-

The launching of one of our prestigious projects ever-an online portal, a comprehensive website incorporating all the enchanters of our country- on the 18th of May 2013 at Marine Drive, Ernakulam. In association with this magical Endeavour, the Academy is conducting a magical saga entitled NET OF MAGIC, a miraculous display of talents by the traditional street magicians of India prior to the launching.

As a sequel to the magician’s directory in 2009 and the print editions brought out by the Academy in 2004 and 2008, this magical website will be the focal point of the magicians to be online and to cast their net in to the pool of opportunities for selling their entertainment, to boost up their career and to establish their image.

For the show organizers and authorities of magic it will be the nucleus and a liaison for their business to pursue and identify magicians and to communicate with them for booking shows and to facilitate assistance thus by opening the doors of a good fortune.

Developed by Blue Apple Techno Labs Ernakulam, this website is shaped with relatively easier provisions for preventing unnecessary hassles and mishaps. Any internet savvy can simply log on to this after creating a unique user name with your email id and password. The Academy provides all these as a total free of service.

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