Tuesday, 30 April, 2013

A Versatile Illusionist - Manu Poojappura

Illusion is a wonderful category of the art of magic that has been distorting the minds of the spectators from centuries. When we look at the saga of magic, illusionists had made their glittering footprints in it from the yore’s of time. Harry Houdini, David Copperfield, Penn and Teller, Chris Angel, David Blaine, P.C.Sorcar, the list is endless. Like this connoisseurs of illusion, this young man from Trivandrum also had humble beginnings. From the small lad who came with his father to the Magic Academy at the age of twelve, and the youngster who conducted free performances during festivals, he had grown into a TV icon with plenty of programmes to his pocket. His shows are loaded with packs of energy, his feats of illusions are mesmerizing to a huge amass of viewers. Yes! He is a crowd puller, a perfect showman, the fabulous Manu Poojappura. 

Born in the historical town of Poojappura in the Trivandrum district in 1981, to Hariharan Nair and Nirmala, Manu was destined to be a wonder wizard. The doorway to the wonderful world of magic opened to him when he started his relation with the Magic Academy. As a student of its first junior batch, Manu was a teenager of an exceptional talent. This grabbed the attention and praise of many of his teachers and mentors. And thus he realized that, this is the profession he wanted to be in, this is the walk of life he had to pass-the amazing realm of pure magic and illusions. After completion of his alma mater in the art of magic, he began his amateur career by doing free magic shows during festivals, carnivals and public gatherings. From those days itself Manu showed the waves of a looming and aspiring enchanter. People began to note this young man who stunned his spectators with his power packed performances. This paved the way to his professional saga of magic during the mere age of eighteen. Many stages, many astonishing performances, roaring crowds - a show-stopper was arising.

His enigmatic feats in the stage, his magnificent styles of vanishing, his mastery over escape arts, his dexterity in the act of transformation and the use of his dancing skills in the stage made him a show man in the regional magic Scenes. Visual media also grabbed his sparkling personality and this made him one of the popular hosts in an array of Malayalam TV show like “Kazhcha”of Surya TV, Kairali channels “Rainbow”, “Vaalkannadi” of Asianet and “Nagar to Nagar” a well accepted show in Jai Hind TV. He has also marked his name as an actor through some fantastic roles in prominent Malayalam prime time melodramas. In addition to this he is also a faculty, who is lighting the lantern of magic to the younger generations at the Academy of Magical Sciences. His Spouse Sumitha and daughter Malavika are the prime forces behind his unmatched success. Watching this Young Turk performing, we can hope that this will be a storm of transition in its hibernation and a ray of light to the aspirants and admirers of the art- Magic.

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