Wednesday, 27 February, 2013

An introduction to Modern Magic Apparatus

109th PPC by Magician Avinash on March 9th at Thiruvananthapuram and 10th at Ernakulam

A magician is one who uses natural means to accomplish a supernatural effect. There is nothing supernatural about what he does. He only creates the illusion of the supernatural. Over the past several years, Magician Avinash remains to be one of the most sought after magic dealer in the country who has contributed largely to the growth of numerous Indian magicians. Thousands of people have enjoyed his spectacular magic. Now we have a golden opportunity to meet Avinash at Magic academy on 9th March 2013 in connection with the 109th perfect performer course. An introduction and easy handling of the Modern magic apparatus will be the topic of the PPC. The availability of modern magic apparatus will be the high attraction of the course. All the magicians and magic club members are requested to register their names in advance. 10th of March, Magician Avinash will be in our Ernakulam Branch for conducting the PPC at Ernakulam. For more details please contact: 9447768535 Thiruvananthapuram. 9447072461 Ernakulam.

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