Friday, 24 August, 2012

Sarang passes away

Cherpu,Thrissur: Magician Sarang is no more, but his eyes live. Eyes of the magician, who departed this worldly life at the age of 57, were donated to become means for the needy to see this world’s magical sights. Perhaps, whoever gets Sarang’s eyes will be enjoying that power of magician’s eyes that controls audiences.
Sarang, succumbed to cancer on 10th of August and curtain was pulled down for ever to a magically enriched life. Reputed as a deft manipulator, his dove acts have got several admirers. If buying readymade props and performing to manual instructions are common practice, Sarang sought a different way. He made magic props according to his own aesthetics and performed the items with a pinch of innovation. In order to bring magic closer to people, he crusaded to dismantle superstitions and foster entertainment value of the art of awe. This has earned him big fans across the world. He maintained good friendship with foreign magicians and tried to introduce the might of Indian magic to outsiders.
In a condolence message, Executive Director of the Magic Academy, Gopinath Muthukad stated that Sarang was a widely acknowledged authority in the field of magical art and his untimely death has created a huge void for the native magic. In respect of the departed soul, standing in silence was observed at the Academy’s monthly Perfect Performer Course held on August 11th. The deceased magician is survived by his wife Ajitha Sarang; daughters, Neethu Sarang and Geethu Sarang.

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