Saturday, 21 July, 2012

Glimpses of a Magician’s Mesmerizing Tour

MARC Chief Operating Officer Thomas Karulai welcomes 
MAZMA President Magician Rajkumar. K P Sivakumar, 
Anand Mezhathur and Chandrasenan Mithirmala stand beside.
Magician Rajkumar, President of MAZMA was on a short visit to Magic Academy to explore the possibilities of the art of magic. The thick packed programme at variety centers in Thiruvananthapuram made his tour enriched with wonders. Director of Magic Academy Chandrasenan Mithirmala, Manager Coordination Deepak M and Former Administrator K P Sivakumar were welcomed him at the airport. Common magic’s critical expressions from Magician Rajkumar were maddening the city throughout tour. 
The Chief Operator of MARC, Thomas Karulai with the Muthukad magical Entertainers Troupe Manager Anand Mezhathur was eager to honour and receive them at the Research Centre of Magic Academy. It is rare in its kind to have a research wing for magical innovations according to Rajkumar. Impressions made in his mind from the research areas cause to announce research proposals for illusions.
Thomas briefing about the construction of MIRROR 
PALACE to Magician Rajkumar. K P Sivakumar, 
Chandrasenan Mithirmala and Deepak M watching 
Construction site of Kannadikottaram, the mirror palace was more interesting. He has learned the technical specs and plans from the work supervisors, thus the keen interest made him fascinate. 
Karuna Sai, the de-addiction centre at Vellanad has organized a warm reception to the magician to have the amazing moments for the inmates of the centre. Magician Rajkumar was very much expressive to the gathering with his magical conveyance. 
Upon having the century programme of Perfect Performers Course, this time, native magicians benefited from this committed art performer. The savior of traditional Indian Magic and Magicians, Rajkumar framed many a scenes on his tour in Kerala.

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