Monday, 26 March, 2012

Mission rolls; Karuna Sai at thrilled inspiration

Vellanad: Thrilling inspiration of magic flames sparks for a change with hundreds of inmates and their family at Karuna Sai. It was when the surprise visit made by a team of magicians lead by Gopinath Muthukad was with their concern of the minds of many who are at Karuna Sai for their de-addiction treatment.

In line with the mission activities of Magic Academy to address the frustrations of addicted community with alcoholism and such infatuation, the spot visit was to breeze them with magic performance.

While the authorities of Karuna Sai and its inmates were worth experiencing the presence of Merlin Maestro and Magician Ganesh Kudroli, excitements were never suppressive to the performance of Academy’s honorary director Magician R. Rajamoorthy and Ganesh Kudroli. The motivational speech made by Chandrasenan Mithirmala was an added gain for the patients. The director of Karuna Sai, Dr. L R Madhujan came forward to dedicate the ‘own written poetic expression’ to honour Muthukad.

According to Karuna Sai, the de-addiction and mental health research institute, drug abuse is a major and increasing menace which transcends anything. The proclaimed dream of Karuna Sai is that the highly mental health society in everywhere.

The chief counselor Smt C Lekha welcomed guest magicians and the gathering and the chief Operating Officer R S Sajith Kumar expressed the vote of thanks.

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