Tuesday, 21 February, 2012

Math Magic: Be deepen with Jammu & Acharya

Ganitha Vismayam Math-Magic convention on April 26th

Thiruvananthapuram: The well known math magicians of the country, CIJAM Jammu from Coimbatore and Prahlad Acharya from Bangalore will address the magicians on the memorial day of great mathematician Sreenivasa Ramanujan.

A retired banker and an advisor to Indian Magic Hobby Association is now working out the new theory of magic and math magic for the notable magicians with skills and dedication. When magicians play around, no space will be left for any other art and or for science. But, once the jumbo card of math magic starts working, no magician even could stand aside.

Jammu the devoted magic performer will be with selected math magic solutions to the first in its kind convention for math magic. And it is expected to jams the minds of addressees. When he teaches math magic it is the simplest way of explicate complex aspects in the subject. A high quality professional, approaches magic with high quality manner will be there for Ganitha Vismayam with the ever dated magician of south India, Prahlad Acharya.

Though the Acharya broke into the mind of mass with ventriloquism and shadow play, he always refines the acquired skills in magic, illusion and magic of mathematics. Mentalism and math magic demand his presence than the art is being thirst by him. Magicians must have much to attain from the experts of math-magicians.

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