Friday, 10 February, 2012

GANITHA VISMAYAM, a magical tribute to great Mathematician Sreenivasa Ramanujan on 2012 April 26th GANITHA VISMAYAM, a magical tribute to great Mat

a national mathematical year (nmy) programme of magic academy

The mark of respect to the contributions of great Indian Mathematician Sreenivasa Ramanujan is another etching score to our Indian magicians through Academy. Considering the observance of our Prime Minister on the inadequacy of mathematicians in India, Academy has taken up the matter to spread the necessity and scope of the subject through the fascinating art, magic. The proven track of the past reveals the fortunate skill of magic to communicate the mass for developing interest. Now it turns to Maths.

Gearing up with the programme, The Academy of Magical Sciences is now to organize a one day program titled, GANITHA VISMAYAM on the 92nd memorial day of Ramanujan, April 26th. Various sessions including the classes and competitions in math magic will be ample to ensure magicians’ focus. The one intended to explore nationwide magicians to make their passion math magic and extend the messaging throughout the country.

An extravaganza of mathe-magic will be the key attraction of the programme.

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