Tuesday, 17 January, 2012

World’s first university supported magic course: Sreekumar bags first rank

Thiruvananthapuram: S. Sreekumar, native of Pallippuram, who is an LIC Development Officer fetched first rank and Govind P. Dev a higher secondary student from Karamana bagged second rank in the world’s first university supported magic course conducted at the Magic Academy. A nurse magician Dileep S, Health Inspector Juju R V and bank manager Shajahan N managed to position with first class in examination. With this success in the recently concluded Certificate Course in Magical Art jointly conducted by the Kerala University’s Centre for Adult Continuing Education Extension (CACEE) and the Magic Academy, the winners got their names etched on the annals of magic.

LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) is one of the prestigious government owned institutions of the country for which business is no gimmick but real service to society. Mr. Sreekumar, who is a committed business promoter for LIC, at first, had a notion that magic was mere gimmick. But the classroom experience at the Academy was proving otherwise. Unveiling before him and his classmates were hitherto unknown potentials of magic and magicians. Each class was offering them not only the knowhow on new tricks, but also the ways to use magic as a magnificent tool for social awareness.

Mr. Sreekumar, now attracted to the branch of stage magic, is confident of serving the society using magnificent medium of magic. If insurance propagation is a sort of social service, magic shows will be another, he vows.

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