Friday, 13 January, 2012

How to be perfect with Off the Cuff magic

While the west goes for magical performance that could do anywhere at any time, we are still around the distrustful expanse of heavy staging and illusion items. Thus the magic leaves the concerns on the deliberate move of a magician. It is the high time for the Indian magicians to expertise with stuff around.
Imagine, the magician needed to make a big impression but left all of his big impressive stuff at home. Using available, ordinary objects, magician can do many simple, but yet stunning effects. A real entertainer should be able to entertain with anything at anytime.
The ‘Off the Cuff’ magic entertaining people in close up situations with no special props or lengthy set-ups. Meaning he can do them at a moment’s notice with borrowed items!
The young promising magician, Haris Taha is quite familiar to most of his magicians and he reaffirm his enthusiasm in magic by staging a number of theme oriented and symbolic magic with social commitment. Magician Taha will be with his ‘Off the Cuff’ magical concepts for the needed refreshing of native magicians on the first segment of the PPC in the year 2012. The PPC is scheduled at 10am on January 14th, Saturday at Wonder World Auditorium, Poojappura.

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