Tuesday, 24 January, 2012

Configuring the PPC for the magicians’ benefit

Century offer at special tariff

Perfect Performer Course, the well appreciated refreshing programme for established magicians is at a new era with a yearlong schedule. Prominent magicians throughout the country will mesmerize with worthy segments, which includes the milestone of 100th episode too. Unveiling the rare magical lessons and expressions made easier for those who wish to schedule themselves for the sessions.

Magicians includes Prahlad Acharya, Ali Ahmed, Nakul Shenoy, Rajamoorthy, Cigam Jammu, Dayanidhi, Samir Patil, Uday Jadugar, Kudroli Ganesh, Clifford N Parekh and few more will furnish for the thirst of magicians.

Celebrating the century of PPC, Academy has now announced a special offer for the advance registration. Magicians could register for the eleven segments of the year, each worth Rs.250/-, by paying for only nine. This covers the special tariff of magic club members too. The yearly registration is open till 10th of February.

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