Thursday, 22 December, 2011

Mullaperiyar: Magicians in the frontline with solidarity

Vandipperiyar: People of different districts, including the well known cine artist Suresh Krishna, were being washed away in a torrent ended in a fraction of moment. A magical scene in Magician Gopinath Muthukad astonished the mass in Vandipperiyar. The magic titled ‘Jala’pravaaham which later literarily turned to a ‘Jana’pravaaham was the key magic performance on this subject to raise the solidarity and concerns, where he has made them re-appear as a hope to the people by unity and appropriate action.

Magicians’ might to wipe out societal woes was proved once more, this time, over Mullaperiyar that is already a national issue that has put over thirty lakhs of people under the fear of an approaching disaster. The magic was to fuse the emotions and anxieties of people in Idukki and other three districts and intended to convey the message that a dam failure will result in a heavy havoc.

Representing the four districts, platforms at four levels designed and more than twenty people including the cine artist Suresh Krishna represented the people. The performance is aimed to convey that ‘preventing a calamity is better than cure’.

Mullaperiyar dam, which is located in Kerala but is controlled and used by Tamil Nadu, has long been a source of much acrimony. The dam controversy has been extended and affected to the harmony of two key states where the mutual bondage and support is under difficulty. Though the government and people of Kerala reassure to continue with supply of water for its neighboring state, Tamil Nadu, they express their concerns on the lives and wealth of central Kerala.

According to experts and analysts, repeated tremors in the region and increase in water level of the Mullaperiyar dam may cause to have the disaster which certainly can affect Idukki, Ernakulam, Kottayam and Alappuzha districts.

Muthukad and many other magicians like Mayan Vaidyar Shah, Haris Taha, Shaju Kadakkal and John J Mampilly were few in the forefront to educate the common people and to express the solidarity with the people under the fright of dam disaster.


Kochi: By staging a magic show at the High Court Junction, Ernakulam the magic society expressed solidarity on the Mullaperiyar issue. Through the show, Magician Mayan Vaidyar Shah showed what would happen once Mullaperiyar Dam brakes. He also performed a magic show that provided the solution to the problem. “It is necessary that a solution be found by the governments for the people who are extremely worried about the impending disaster from the Mullaperiyar Dam,” he said.


Thiruvananthapuram: Young promising magician Haris Taha has appeared to be on thorns from the annoyance of dam disaster threats. He has staged the programme titled ‘Rakshajaalam’ at the secretariat gate by laying down on sharpen nails.

Magician Shaju Kadakkal, the well established magician teacher also carries the message from the schools community and made his position in space symbolizing people in Kerala will have to be in space for their survival, if anything goes wrong with the dam.


Vypin: Magician John J Mampilly, the secretary of Red Cross Society Vypin Unit has done the blind fold from Njarakkal to Gosree Junction seeking an immediate action on Mullaperiyar issue. The blind fold was inaugurated by the well known man of letters, Sippy Pallippuram.

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