Thursday, 24 November, 2011

Magic’s mission alerts against addictions

G. Girish Kumar, November 24, 2011

Kochi: An initiative of Magic Academy with State Youth Welfare Board, Excise Department, the Cochin Corporation and the district administration has alerted the youth with a ‘skull’ as the bottom-line of addictions with alcohol, tobacco and drugs. The mission inauguration was with a conceptual magic by Minister of Excise K Babu by dropping two pieces of papers, written ‘alcohol’ and ‘drugs’ in it to a crystal bowl which turned to a skull as the outcome.

Enthralled audience at the Town Hall reaffirmed their commitment with an oath taking lead by well known film actor Siddique at the inaugural function. Magician Gopinath Muthukad has given the introductory talk on the scope of magic and mission activities. He has stated: "Magic is a good tool to communicate as there is no language barrier. Anyone can understand the message conveyed without any difficulty,"

The meeting was presided over by the corporation mayor, Tony Chammany where deputy mayor B Bhadra, Federal Bank CGM T S Jagadeesan, district collector P I Sheik Pareeth IAS, well known film director Mecartin and counselor Sudha Dileep Kumar attended the function.

Considering the latest statistics of drug-alcohol-tobacco-pan masala consumption in the state, the joint effort of different governmental organizations made together the platform for the ‘mission 5 day’ in Ernakulam, titled as Magic with a Mission. It is with the focus on the harmful effects of drug abuse and other such addictions. A range of awareness programmes including workshops, de-addiction counseling, net work campaigns and much more are the highlights of the venture.

Different sessions in anti-alcohol magical workshop of the missionforth coming days will be lead by professionals from various sectors including Dr. Rajith Kumar from Excise Department, Dr. Jayakrishnan from Regional Cancer Centre and a number of psychologists. District education authorities and corporation’s education standing committee has coordinated with educational institutions in the district to ensure the frontline utilization of the magic mission along with hundreds of student cadets.

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