Sunday, 26 June, 2011

Prime Minister’s tryst with magic by Merlin award winner Muthukad

New Delhi: The Prime Minister heartily congratulated Muthukad for winning the highly-rated award and working for spreading social messages through the art.

As the Kerala-based magician performed his ‘patriotic magic’ using ropes of three colours representing the national flag and explained how the nation should come over religious animosity and feel united. In the trick, the magician tied together three ropes in saffron, white and green and in a flash converted them into single unbroken piece having three colours.

The magician explained how Hindus and Muslims fought each other like different ropes and how India still faced issues of communalism and terrorism today through the magic.

“We are all Indians’,’ Dr Singh excitedly yelled as Muthukad was explaining “…like three ropes merging into one single thread, we are not Hindus, not Muslims, not Christians but….’’

“I have heard a lot about your magic with a mission and it is good doing something for social change through magic,’’ the Prime Minister said, while lauding him for bringing the award to India and asking him to continue his excellent works.

“I was so excited by winning this prestigious Merlin Award. Now that joy is multiplied several times, just like in the magic. It is really one of the brightest moments for me too,’’ Muthukad said after the exclusive interaction and tryst with the Prime Minister.

“He was so relaxed and happy to see my performance. The award and the appreciation coming from the Prime Minister will definitely push me to strive better to uphold my motto of Magic with a Mission,’’ he said.