Friday, 6 May, 2011

Minister had a touch with a magic wand; a book appeared

Thiruvananthapuram: Minister of Education and Cultural affairs of Kerala, M. A. Baby on Thursday stated Magic will have a space in school curriculum and the government’s initiation to include it in state school youth festival will be resulted positively. The Kerala University – CACEE in association with Magic Academy organised a formal inauguration of certificate-diploma courses in magical art.

Minister has emphasized Magic’s role in education, especially in Mathematics and suggested Magic Academy to prepare a project module for SCERT to include in curriculum. He has highlighted the vital role of Prof. Gopinath Muthukad in exploring magic to common public with academy activities.

Minister has done a magical inauguration of the courses by getting a book ‘Tarbell Course in Magic’, the encyclopaedia of magic, from an empty screen box with magic wand at Wonder World Auditorium, Poojappura. The book has later presented to Master Muhammed Shanu, as a token of appreciation, who earlier presented his charming magic show which entertained the audience as well.

Three months certificate course and six months diploma course will be conducted at Gopinath Muthukad’s Magic Academy and Centre for Adult Continuing Education and Extension wing of Kerala University will issue certificates for exams. The courses are first in its kind with a university in the world and hence it has historical value too.

Pro. Vice-Chancellor Dr. J. Subhash presided and Prof. Gopinath Muthukad felicitated the function. CACEE Project Officer Dr. K. Mohandas welcomed and Magic Academy Director Chandrasenan Mithrummala expressed a vote of thanks.

Budding magician Master Muhammed Shanu was honoured for his achievements in national level magic competitions of Mysore Magic Society at Mysore by a memento.

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