Monday, 7 February, 2011

German magic produces onions aplenty

Thiruvananthapuram: German magician Kolja Calton and his associate Jan Jerken love incredible faces of India very much. Mr. Calton performs magic well. For the past couple of weeks both are zigzagging the country, taking footage of magic and magicians.
Last Saturday their turn was at the Magic Academy renowned as the Asia's first and led by ace illusionist Gopinath Muthukad. The German guests made their presence magical. Thanks to the nimble hands of Mr. Calton. At the swaying of his wand created from nowhere were something the entire country of India would very much desire to get: many many onions! "I heard that the prices of onion is bringing tears to many housewives. Hence my magical German onions are here" Mr. Calton said laughingly after his brief performance at the Academy laughingly.
Earlier the guests were formally welcomed by Mr. Muthukad and the Academy's Director, Rajamoorthy. Clad in Indian dress, the German magician then performed the ace trick of cups and balls in traditional Indian style to leave Mr. Muthukad and members of the academy awestruck.

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Jan said...

It was really a pleasure, to visit this more than well organized institute. And thank you so very much for the copy of the only foto of the "Rope of India" and all the other answers to our numberfull questions. We´ll be back soon - for sure. To spend more time to explore the mystical side of India. Thank you again for your openminded hospitaltity.
All the best wishes from the two magicians Jan Gerken ( and Kolja Kaldun ( from Germany.