Monday, 8 November, 2010

Mission India: Muthukad becomes darling to Darjeeling Soldiers

Winked the eyes: Magician Gopinath Muthukad keeps the soldiers of Darjeeling captivated with his patriotic magic show on 7th of November.

Darjeeling: A place 7800 feet above sea level, turned out be a bedrock on which the Mission India led by Muthukad and crew stood to declare unity and strength to 107 infantry battalion soldiers of the Indian Army at Jalapahar. The Mission India loudly proclaiming determination to fight with tooth and nail against extremism and partisan discrimination,the event becomes a sumptuous agape of magic.
The demonstration of Muthukad and team was all armed against the sectarianism and favored to foster the spirit of unity among the soldiers against sectarianism neglecting the biting cold in order to eliminate the sectarian who initiated violence for Gorge-land. Hundreds of soldiers convened at the specially made venue in the back drop of Kanchan Ganga. The soldiers raced slogan welcoming all the members of the magic group who spread the message of undivided India.
Commanding Officer Lt. Col. P.K.S. Bhatia inaugurated the function. Second in command Lt. Col. Rajan Khanuja introduced the units to soldiers. He applauded and acclaimed the six young girls and other members who spear-head and spread the message of patriotism. Muthukad said this is a solid remark for us to get an opportunity for presenting the Mission India show at Darjeeling Army station in front of our respected battalion soldiers. From Darjeeling the team moved to Guwahati Army station.

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