Sunday, 31 October, 2010

Memories on Houdini

There won’t be any magician who does not get roused by the memories of Harry Houdini. It is already 84 years after the blessed magician’s demise. Even today, Houdini’s life and messages are evergreen.

Erik Weisz as a small boy in Hungary had no magical background. He was one in the lot and his parents, too were. The life struggles forced the family to sail to Appleton in the United States- may be the first act of escape the great master of escapoloy performed unknowingly at a tender age! In the US, the family just managed to meet the ends together.

Passion for magic grew in the young boy’s heart. As a youngster, Erik’s primary fascination in magic was not for illusions or stage magic. It was a humble dream to become a star in cards. He started taming simple card manipulations. Father of modern magic, Rober Houdin had already become a driving force for him. This became conspicuous when he changed his name into ‘Hari Houdini’. But the youngster failed to live up to the expectation of ‘King of Cards’ the magic name he adopted on stage.

True artistes never succumb to destiny. They re-write the fate in favour of their desire, Harri Houdini. He plunged into thoughts. Finally he found the door to success. He introduced before the world the groundbreaking idea of escape magic tricks.

Soon popularity shot up for him. His name and fame darted reached far distant places. Even in an age of poor communication facilities, Houdini became a name synonym to magic.

Houdini battled strongly against supersti tions. On 31st of October, that marks the death anniversary of the great magician, a resolve to continue the battle would be the best thing we can offer in honour of the great soul.
[Editorial of the Vismayam Magical News, October 2010 issue.]

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