Saturday, 11 September, 2010

Bags full of magic tricks bring back golden days of Mahabali

Myth and magic: Child magician Samson Sunny as Mahabali (left) and his counterpart, Mohammed Shanu in the attires of Vamana do magic at the Onam Magic Fest organised by the Magic Academy on 11th of Sept.

Thiruvananthapuram: Magical translations to the Mevelinadu (country of King Mahabali) of equality, justice, happiness and satisfaction at the Onam Magic Fest organised by the Magic Academy today (11/09/10). The magic competitions organised for the first time with theme Maveli, Vamanan and the good old days, were proved entertaining and enigmatic. For example, during the first prize winning show by child prodigy Mohammed Shanu who came in the guise of Vamana was clearly pushing into the earth and vanishing Samson Sunny who was there in the role of Mahabali. Not over the team ‘Five Fingers’ also showed reincarnation of the Mahabali. When these legendary characters visited homes of the present, women and children were found astonishing them by offering them a full-fledged ‘Ona Sadhya’ deftly produced from thin air. Shanu was adeptly aided by his team of junior magicians, Nadhiya, Aleena and Anamika.

Magical bliss: Magic girl Varnana S. Devi (left), boy magician Rajeev (middle) and their magic partner Rohit on the stage of Maveli Magic Competition.

The first prize in seniors was fetched by Shahabas Khan and team. Khan’s was a magic play themed on the good old days of Mahabali. The poor and the rich who are equally treated at the palace of the King was depicted through magical visuals. Magician who entered the court of the King in the guise of a snake charmer not only produced a snake out of his basket, but also turned ropes into stiff rods. The magician’s assistant was skilfully suspended on air to the enjoyment of the King.

Magic before the King: Magician Shahabas Khan Vilakath (second left) present a sword through human neck trick as his associate magician Haris Thaha look on in the guise of Mahabali during the senior category competition.

Malavika from Kollam who depicted Maveli’s transition into a girl won second prize in junior category. For a weeping girl, garlands, pookkalam and a full course of meals were produced out of nothing.

Over sixty magicians from across the State and neighbouring Tamil Nadu took part in the festivities. Participants were offered an Ona Sadhya in traditional style. Master classes in magic by Honorary Director, R. Raja Moorthy and Hyderabad’s renowned magician, Ch. Shyam carried their counterparts to newer horizons of magical wisdom.

Winners: Team Five Fingers led by girl magician Nadhia (fourth from right) that won first prize in junior category Maveli Magic contests receives crystal trophy from the member of Kerala Sahitya Akademi, Dr. P.S. Sreelatha.

Earlier, the fest was inaugurated by the General Secretary of the Purogamana Kala Sahitya Sangham, Prof. V.N. Murali. The function was presided over by Honorary Director of the Academy, Chandrasenan Mithirmala. A greetings message from the Executive Director of the Academy, Gopinath Muthukad who was in London was read on the occasion. Honorary Director of the Academy, R. Raja Moorthy offered keynote address and magician from Hyderabad, Ch. Shyam was guest of honour. General Manager of the Academy, K.P. Sivakumar and Programme Officer, Arun Kumar G. spoke.

Winning smiles: Second prize winner of Maveli Magic competition for juniors, girl magician Malavika of Kollam (second right) receives her crystal trophy from Dr. P.S. Sreekala.

District Secretary of the Vanitha Sahithy, Dr. P.S. Sreekala distributed crystal trophies sponsored by the Style Plus to the winners. Winners staged their prize winning acts during the closing ceremony. Adv. Hariraj, a faculty member of the Kochi branch of the Academy offered felicitations.

(Below) Magician Shahabaskhan Vilakath (third right) receives first prize in senior category.

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Looks like that was a great event. The photos are beautiful. I wish I had been there. Well done everyone. I'm delighted to see magic being put to such good use. All the best from the UK.