Monday, 7 June, 2010

Kannan offers full-day Cardistry session

Each and every aspect of cards and magic using cards...

Kannan: Set for making it a day

Thiruvananthapuram: Here is a 15-year-old magician Kannan R., who stands above conjurers of his age. Thanks to the amazing skill he has acquired in card magic. To Kannan, magic is like breathing. The love for magic has already found him a place as an expert in card tricks. The masterly boy magician is coming up to offer a full-day class titled, ‘Complete Crash Course on Card Magic’ for the participants of 78th Perfect Performer Course on 12th of June at the Magic Academy.

“My class will focus on one of the most powerful divisions in magic: card magic” Kannan says.
For making his teaching class worth to its last bit, this former student of the Academy has done tremendous research. Kannan has divided his one-day class into the following slices: The Basics, Pro Tips, Tricky Break (Impossibly Impromptu, Gaffs and Gimmicks), Card Manipulation, Flourishes, Cardistry, Secret Sleights and Classic Card Tricks.
Interested magicians may register at the earliest by contacting 0471 2358910.

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