Thursday, 29 April, 2010

Let young magicians emerge

The Kerala State school youth festival is the largest one of its kind in the world. If it was a single-day event in 1956 with just 200 participants, last year it crossed the mark of 10000 participants and 7 days of events. Year after year new items are included to the competitions stages. Competitions are held in school levels first. Winners are allowed to prove their mettle in educational district levels, before being selected for the final gig in the State festival.

School youth festivals have been instrumental for many a number of youngsters to turn to the field of art and culture. This has only surfaced the inherent talents in a number of prodigies. Many new art forms have got a new lease of life owing to the simple reason that more and more children practice them with a competitive spirit.

Why can’t magic be included in the school youth festivals? Magic Academy has the strong belief that magic, if included in the school youth festivals of Kerala would bring in a new era of growth for the art of awe in the State. Of course, magic competitions cannot be held in public. But winners can surely present their premium performances in front of the public.

From school levels to the State level, competitions can be held in closed compartments. Kerala already have a huge number of experienced magicians who can judge these contests in all levels.
If there is will, there is a way. If Kerala can be a model State in accrediting magic as an art form under its Sangeet Nataka Akademi, definitely the State can set another model by including magic as a competition item in school festivals.

[Editorial published on Vismayam Magical News of April 2010]

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