Friday, 19 March, 2010

'Prediction Magic' dumbfounds Dubai

Magical maestro's 20-day UAE tour begins with a magic thriller.

Art of Prediction: Gopinath Muthukad displaying the prediction paper carrying signatures of seven dignitaries, on the first day of the stunt.

Dubai: One of Gopinath Muthukad’s most baffling numbers, the ‘Prediction Magic’ literally floored hundreds of people in daylight here. The show was held at the premises of the highly secured UAE Exchange’s Al Ghusais branch.

On 16th of March, in front of hundreds of people who thronged, the magician in black suits stepped forward, opened the doors and entered an aluminium cage. In no time, the door was perfectly locked with the magician inside.

From within the cage, the magician wrote his prediction. During this critical action, tension was vivid on his face. At occasions, he was seen plunged into deep contemplation.

After completing his writing, he folded the paper and handed it over to one of the dignitaries. If the first dignitary placed the folded prediction inside a small box, locked it and kept its keys in his own pocket, there were six more doing the same, but using bigger boxes.

All the seven people, who had earlier put their signatures and UAE Exchange’s official stamps on the prediction paper, left the venue taking away the keys of corresponding boxes. First part of the amazing show concluded at this point of time. The boxes rested inside the heavy security locker of the company and the magician walked out of the cage.

Next day, in addition to the custodians of the keys, led to the venue were a good number of inquisitive people. But the place for the chief performer of the entire stunt, Mr. Muthukad, was still inside the locked cage. Chief attraction of the programme, the boxes, were first retrieved from the locker. Dignitaries lined up and checked the seals and knots of the clothe cover. Satisfied, they opened the boxes one after the other.

Finally, the smallest box was opened and the prediction paper taken out. President of the Indian Media Forum, E.M. Ashraf along with others, first verified and ensured that their signatures were correct. When he read the magician’s prediction over microphone, it was thoroughly amazing to find each prediction coincide word by word with the headlines of the newspapers. Spectators’ praise was expressed through a huge applause. An elated magician was now jumping out of the cage where he stood all these time without a single interference. He was at the pinnacle of jubilation, but was down to earth to claim no supernatural power behind his act. “It’s pure magic trick perfected through perennial practice” he said to the media.

“Incredible, but indispensable. Ambiguous, yet amazing. Evoking such thoughts in the minds of reporters and other spectators, Indian magician Gopinath Muthukad came through flying colours in his ‘headline prediction performance’…”. If these were the beginning sentences of a Khaleej Times report on the next day, the tone and tenor of other media reports were not so different.

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