Tuesday, 2 February, 2010

Magic kits that produce magic kids

Thiruvananthapuram: The Magic Academy has come up with its new range of educational magic kits for children. This time there are two types of kits worth Rs.200 and Rs.300. If the first kit has just 25 engrossing magic tricks, the second one carries gadgets for performing 50 easy-to do magic tricks. Both these kits comprise of a multicolour instruction book with pictures and a teaching video CD containing magician R. Raja Moorthy's lessons. With these kits hitting the shops, the Academy hopes the prowess of magical art can carve out a generation driven by magical talents, logical thoughts and rational thinking.
These kits will be available with all leading toy shops in major towns of Kerala. The Magic Space of Bangalore led by magician Giridhar Kamath and patronised by magician Nakul Shenoy, has taken up the job of providing these unique kits for the Academy.