Tuesday, 9 February, 2010

In memory of a guru

Vazhakunnam Neelakantan Namboodiri (1903-1983)

Magicians of the State of Kerala recall with reverence the doyen of magic, the beloved magic guru, Vazhakunnam Neelakantan Namboodiri who remains to be a guiding light in magical art. Today marks 27th anniversary of his demise. Eight decades of his life was brightened by sheer deftness in the art of legerdemain. He was an icon of simplicity clad in traditional dhoti and shawl, entertaining children and aged alike through the interesting meshes of magic. Great poets to politicians bowed in front of his amazing talent. Today, the Magic Society of Kochi convenes a commemorative funtion in Kochi where around 200 native magicians get together. And to this ever radiant luminary of sleights of hand, the Magic Academy pays respectful tributes.

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