Saturday, 9 January, 2010

Young magician Abhinraj astonishes his seniors

Eight years ago he was a 12-year-old boy attending a magic camp. Today, he has the genius to train magicians.

Teacher's mantle: Abhinraj trains active magicians at the 73rd Perfect Performer Course at the Magic Academy.

Thiruvananthapuram: When 20-year-old magician Abhinraj introduced an exciting new routine for magic with pen, veteran magicians were thoroughly amazed. The ordinary pen was made extraordinary first by making it elastic, then vanishing its cap and later disappearing the pen in total. The pen was retrieved in a jiffy from thin air and was used to pierce a currency note worth Rs.100 that to surprise of all, was found intact on withdrawing the pen. The pen along with the currency was then circulated among viewers for confirming the genuineness. Mind it, all these were performed right beneath the nose of spectators without a second’s break. And the audience was not laymen, but well-experienced senior magicians.

To Abhinraj, today it was his debut as a lecturer at the orientation class for senior magicians. There were a lot in his bag of magic including transporting coins bearing the signatures of the audience members from one place to the other and quick change of selected cards. Abhinraj was praised by his seniors for two reasons: one, the speed and skill behind his routines and the graciousness he has shown in sharing many of his pet tricks to others.

Describing Abhinraj's class as 'Excellent',31-year-old amateur magician from Lithuania, Augustas Kligys (right) added: "Interesting tips and remarks about performing close-up magic. Excellent presentation... Enjoyed workshop very much."

Abhinraj’s evolution into an erudite teacher in the art of awe within a short span of eight years, is thoroughly amazing. His area of teaching is ‘Close-up’ magic, a difficult one that demands impeccable skill in sleights of hand and rigorous practicing. Along with magic, this youngster pursues B.Sc. course in Nursing at the KIMS Hospital here.

It was eight years back that a 12-year-old Abhinraj came to the Academy with an inquisitive mind to learn magic at a children’s Christmas magic camp. Hailing from Manacaud here, Abhin’s first visit at the Academy was holding the hands of his father Rajendran Nair and mother Alphonsa. During the camp, Gopinath Muthukad, his favourite ‘magic uncle’ taught a few easy-to do tricks. The magic bug bit the boy, who remained gripped by the show. His love for magic grew day after day. Parents only supported and the boy joined summer vacation course in magic at the Academy.
In 2003, after watching a scintillating debut show of the boy, Mr. Muthukad took his magic hat and placed it on the boy’s head. It was a beginning.

Magician and retired government officer, T. Sadasivan hands over Magic Academy's certificate of honour to the teacher of the day, Abhinraj.

Now Abhin keeps magic closer to his heart along with his paramedical learning. For the patients of the hospital where he studies, Abhin is a darling nurse. He not only provides medicines and due attention for his patients, but also wipes out their worries by entertaining them through magic numbers. Last year, a documentary on Abhin’s story was telecast on the official TV of Japan in the slot titled, ‘Asian Smiles’.

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